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Phenotropil Improves Learning Ability and Greatly Enhance Performance

16 Jun 2016

Advantages of Phenotropil: It begins to act after the first reception. No withdrawal. Zero tolerance. Phenotropil does not make you smarter, but it can improve the ability to learn and greatly improve performance.

Disadvantages of Phenotropil: May cause a xerophthalmus (dry eyes) and possible insomnia.

For the first time I came across with Phenotropil when I decided to go to university. There was written In the instruction that is possible to use Phenotropil for a 2-week course on 100-200gr a day to improve performance.

The first thing you notice after the application of tablets, it was an improvement of visual acuity and color vision. Phenotropil boosts mood. I began to prepare for the entrance exams and carried away. I applied the two tablets a day, the first one at wake up, the second in the afternoon. I prepared for 10-12 hours a day for a week, and I had no feeling that I was tired.

Once I passed the exam decided to continue to apply Phenotropil on the job. From morning till evening I was like a wound, I did all the work for one day that I was planned to do for 3 days. But that day I faced the side effects. Due to the fact that the whole day I exposed myself to strenuous exercise, and I did not stop, I spent the night with almost no sleep. The brain continued to work and did not even think to stop. The next day, I determined not to expose myself to such pressures, after which I had normal sleep.

At the end of the reception of Phenotropil, one day I ran out of strength and I fell in the middle of the day exhausted and slept for 17 hours. After that I decided to end the use of this drug.

A year later, I decided to drink Phenotropil for the prevention course of 2 weeks, and faced with more feature Phenotropil. This medicine greatly enhances the action of coffee, with the result that once again I spent a sleepless night. I no longer faced with side effects.

In general, I think the drug Phenotropil is worthy of attention if your life span requires increased efforts, and in any other case.

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